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At Bouygues Construction Australia, we understand that attracting top talent is crucial for developing our future business leaders in a sustainable way.

Our new generation of talented individuals brings value to our existing projects by introducing innovative solutions that enhance systems and processes.

Why Choose Bouygues Construction Australia?

When you join our team, you become an integral part of our organisation. We trust in your ability to reach your full potential while working alongside experts and receiving support throughout your experience. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Extensive development programs, including training, team building events, and site visits, to help you achieve your career ambitions
  • Annual remuneration reviews, ensuring that your hard work and dedication are rewarded
  • Interstate and overseas opportunities
  • Personalised follow-ups and support throughout your time with us

Whether you’re interested in our Graduate Program, Undergraduate Program, or an internship, we have opportunities that align with your career needs.

Bouygues Construction is more than just a workplace; it’s the beginning of your professional journey.

Are you ready to take the next step? Explore the possibilities with Bouygues Construction Australia.

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our graduate program

At Bouygues Construction Australia, our Graduate Program is a 2-year initiative designed to provide you with valuable experiences and opportunities.

Time to explore

Throughout the program, our graduates will have the chance to rotate through at least two different positions, offering a diverse range of experiences and perspectives. These rotations will take place in either Victoria or New South Wales, allowing you to gain a comprehensive understanding of our operations.

Time to learn

We have developed a comprehensive integration and training path to ensure that you become familiar with our company and develop both technical and soft skills. This will enable you to thrive in your chosen field and contribute effectively to our projects.

Time to network

As part of the 2-year program, we organise various events and gatherings to provide you with opportunities to expand your professional network. These interactions will help you build connections within the industry and enhance your career prospects.

our undergraduate program

If you are currently pursuing your studies, our Undergraduate Program offers a flexible one to two-year opportunity for learning and career development.

We understand the importance of balancing work and studies, so we provide flexible work arrangements that accommodate your academic commitments. Additionally, we offer competitive remuneration for our program to ensure that you are rewarded for your hard work and contributions during your time with BYCA.


For those looking to gain professional experience, Bouygues Construction Australia always welcomes early career talent through our internship opportunities. This serves as an excellent starting point within our organisation and can serve as a gateway to our Graduate Program.

Whether you’re a graduate, undergraduate, or seeking an internship, Bouygues Construction Australia has various avenues for you to kickstart your career and gain valuable industry experience.