Landsborough Highway Reconstruction


Reconstruction works on the Landsborough Highway between Winton and Cloncurry form part of a program of works being delivered under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery (NDRRA), a joint federal and state initiative.

This project involves the extensive repair and rehabilitation works, including road reconstruction, shoulder reconstruction and pavement patching across two sections of the Landsborough Highway.

The 51km stretch between Barcaldine and Longreach consists of widening and full reconstruction and realignment, including a side track for diverted traffic. Additional works include 24km of outer wheel path treatment, the rehabilitation of 38 floodways and the extension of 33 existing drainage lines.

A second section of works between Augathella and Tambo includes 16km of road widening, full rehabilitation of the current alignment, 500m of shoulder replacement and constructing a side track.

The project was completed in January 2014.


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