Go Between Bridge

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The Go Between Bridge is part of the Hale Street Link project which also includes an urban intersection capable of handling 85,000 vehicles per day.

In contractual terms, this project is a first for Bouygues in that teams from the Brisbane City Council were a fully integrated part of the consortium and worked on the construction site.

The main bridge is 280m long and crosses the Brisbane River. This structure of 3 pre-stressed concrete spans was built using the balanced cantilever method with piers founded on 1,800 mm diameter piles.

It is supplemented by a 225m long overpass along the north bank, perpendicular to the main bridge. This T-beam overpass, built while traffic was still running, has seven 32m spans.

The project is completed by sundry works on the two banks: a 52-space car park, road extension, underpass for pedestrians and cyclists, and the renovation of drainage and other systems.


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