Our Governance

Resilience and Integrity

Good corporate governance forms the foundation of Bouygues Construction Australia’s resilience and integrity.

We are dedicated to aligning our systems, policies, and procedures with a rigorous standard of corporate governance.

Our focus remains on upholding integrity, ethics, and transparency in all our endeavors, ensuring optimal outcomes for our customers, communities, and employees.

Ethics and Compliance

The Australian Legal Desk helps to promote, advise on, monitor and procure stakeholder compliance with the Bouygues Group’s Code of Ethics. Compliance with the Code is mandatory for all Bouygues Group companies, employees, subcontractors and consultants globally and is every individual’s responsibility.


The alignment of our procurement strategy to the Bouygues Group’s CSR charter translates into:

  • Ethics
  • Compliance with labour standards
  • Health and Safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Whistleblowing


Everyone is empowered to speak up if they become aware of unethical or unlawful conduct. Information received on Bouygues Construction’s whistleblowing platform is treated carefully and managed confidentially.

A copy of our Whistleblowing policy can be found here.

Modern Slavery

In alignment with our Code of Ethics the Bouygues Construction Group promotes ethics and the compliance of all commercial practices in every country in which it works.

 These principles that regulate behaviours do not arise from moral considerations or rules of law alone; they are not simply reminders of the need to comply with the law. The Code seeks to promote honest and exemplary professional conduct under all circumstances, even beyond what is demanded by laws.

 It is imperative that our suppliers are knowledgeable about and proactively prevent the risks associated with Modern Slavery. Our most recent Modern Slavery Statement is available for reference and can be found here.